We were a little worried that Isabelle wasn’t ever going to take to her balance bike, but she’s been loving it since the snow melted and she’s making up for lost time. Hills are a favourite right now.


Sweet Treats with Grand-maman

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Growing up, I remember dessert being a rare event in our house and being delighted that I could ask for honey-nut cheerios as one of my Christmas presents, since my mom was so strict about sugar in the house… then along come grandkids and, much to the girls’ delight, suddenly all that goes out the […]


Easter Adventures

With Michelle’s parents coming for their last visit to Edmonton, we had big plans for Easter! Those plans almost didn’t end up working out, but we pulled it together in the end and had a fantastic time. First stop was the Fairmont MacDonald for Easter Brunch, where we discovered that the reservation we’d made weeks […]


Easter Cookies and Manicures

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Since making sugar cookies with Aunt Janne and cousin Megan over Christmas, Isabelle has been constantly asking when we are gonna make and decorate cookies again. For Easter, I finally gave in, channeled my inner Martha Stewart and gave it a go. It took two days, lots of breaks (this mom and her daughters seem […]


Toddler on 2 Wheels

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We succumbed to the beautiful spring weather and decided to give Elodie her birthday present a month early, as she was spending a lot of time intently watching Isabelle glide around on her balance bike – a birthday present from two years ago. We figured we’d try and harness this perfect storm of intense interest […]


A Little Breather

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Why so long since our last post? Well, I think it’s safe to say we underestimated the toll selling one house and finding another would be… but it’s DONE! We have now sold our house in Edmonton and found a house we love in Victoria and get to enjoy our last 2 months here with […]