Elfcapades Mid-month Recap

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The elves have been busy these past few days! Whether it’s bringing in the Christmas books, decorating the felt Christmas tree, filling up the gratitude jar, raiding advent calendars, reading Christmas books, hiding themselves in luggage, hosting movie nights, sneaking into nativity scenes, stowing away in boots, moving the playroom into the sunroom, watering the […]


Pre-Christmas Christmas in Langley

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Saturday morning we hopped on the ferry and headed over to Grandmaman and Grandapapa’s place for the annual event of the season, the Tousignant Christmas Party! The party was a blast, as usual, and it was great to catch up with tons of friends and family. The next morning, we did brunch at the Newlands […]


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

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The perfect (as in both Patrick and I agree on it) Christmas Tree? Check! Cheesy Holiday Playlists echoing through the halls? Check! LED outdoor lights that were supposed to all be the same ‘white’ but aren’t at all? Check! Freshly fallen snow? Ha -thought we weren’t gonna get that in Victoria? Check! Massive pile of […]


Halloween in Arendelle

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If you’re not up on your Frozen trivia, Arendelle is the kingdom in which the events of Frozen take place. Our Halloween also took place there, as Isabelle, Elodie, Michelle and myself toured the neighbourhood as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven, respectively. We had a great evening touring the neighbourhood with a bee, Cinderella, Iron […]



If you haven’t heard, our home has fallen victim to Frozen-mania. Requests to play the movie soundtrack start promptly at 6am and continue straight through until bedtime. Isabelle has taken on the older sister role of Elsa, and Elodie is Anna in their daily make-believe games, and their two tiny Disney figurines of the characters have become their prized possessions. They have also repeatedly announced they want to be Elsa and Anna for Halloween – which fills mom with considerable dread since Frozen merchandise has been sold out for months, and despite having ambitious dreams of teaching myself to sew, the sewing machine has yet to come out of the box – sorry mom and G3… But if anything proves that a 2 and 4 year old are dedicated fans of the movie its this short clip which shocked both parents of Isabelle, with Elodie singing backup, singing the main song “Let it Go”. If you haven’t seen the movie, here is a link to the more ‘traditional’ version.


Mothers Day Postponed

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Because Michelle was working on Mothers Day, we decided to move it to the next sunny day that she had off. That day was today! We headed out to the U of A Devonian Botanical Gardens for a family stroll. We checked out the Japanese Garden, the butterfly garden and greenhouses, and walked along the […]


Elodie turns two!

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This afternoon 7 little girls took over our house, giggling, playing, running (and for Kit, jumping for the first time!) eating grilled cheese sandwiches and rainbow cupcakes and decorating cookies. Thank you to Matt and Shazma for Elodie’s birthday dress, to our friends who helped make today really special and to all of you who […]


Happy Birthday Elodie!

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Today our Edmonton baby turns two! Michelle has put together an amazing selection of photos chronicling the last two years, and with all that we’ve fit in for that short amount of time, no wonder she seems like she should be almost three instead. Elodie is extremely excited about the event, and for days now […]


Rainbow Cupcakes

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Big day tomorrow: Elodie is turning two! She is currently very into rainbows (thanks to a signing time song she wants to sing over, and over, and over again) so we decided to go with a rainbow theme for her birthday. Earlier in the week we made a giant rainbow with our handprints and then […]


Art Gallery Night

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This week Isabelle has been asking the same two questions over and over again: Is it Elodie’s birthday yet? (that will be Saturday) and, Is it art gallery night? Well, Art Gallery night finally came and, after driving us crazy all day asking if it was time go yet, and insisting we all wear fancy […]