Pre-Christmas Christmas in Langley

Saturday morning we hopped on the ferry and headed over to Grandmaman and Grandapapa’s place for the annual event of the season, the Tousignant Christmas Party! The party was a blast, as usual, and it was great to catch up with tons of friends and family. The next morning, we did brunch at the Newlands […]

Halloween in Arendelle

If you’re not up on your Frozen trivia, Arendelle is the kingdom in which the events of Frozen take place. Our Halloween also took place there, as Isabelle, Elodie, Michelle and myself toured the neighbourhood as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven, respectively. We had a great evening touring the neighbourhood with a bee, Cinderella, Iron […]

Mothers Day Postponed

Because Michelle was working on Mothers Day, we decided to move it to the next sunny day that she had off. That day was today! We headed out to the U of A Devonian Botanical Gardens for a family stroll. We checked out the Japanese Garden, the butterfly garden and greenhouses, and walked along the […]


We were a little worried that Isabelle wasn’t ever going to take to her balance bike, but she’s been loving it since the snow melted and she’s making up for lost time. Hills are a favourite right now.

Easter Adventures

With Michelle’s parents coming for their last visit to Edmonton, we had big plans for Easter! Those plans almost didn’t end up working out, but we pulled it together in the end and had a fantastic time. First stop was the Fairmont MacDonald for Easter Brunch, where we discovered that the reservation we’d made weeks […]

Peek A Boo

Just a quick vid of Elodie.


Since the temperature had finally risen from -25 to a more reasonable -4, while Michelle went for a run, I took the girls out for a play in the snow. Here are the resulting antics in the yard.

Running, running, running!

Since Spring, Michelle and I have been training to run the Shawnigan Lake Half-Marathon, which just happened to take place earlier today. It was the first time I’d ever run in a proper half-marathon, and since my longest training run was 20km, it was also the furthest I had ever run in my life. It […]

Beach and Park

Here are some pics we took today at Ross Bay and Beacon Hill Park. We’re here in Victoria for a few reasons, starting with the Shawnigan Lake half-marathon tomorrow, and ending with us leaving our children with my folks while we head off to San Francisco for an emergency medicine conference. We’re excited about both, […]

A Stroll in the Park

So we kind of feel like our lives are one big whirlwind of activity lately, and we haven’t been able to squeeze in a post, but here’s one from today! We decided to take a relaxing stroll in MacKenzie Ravine, and snapped some pics while we did. Enjoy!