Toddler on 2 Wheels

We succumbed to the beautiful spring weather and decided to give Elodie her birthday present a month early, as she was spending a lot of time intently watching Isabelle glide around on her balance bike – a birthday present from two years ago. We figured we’d try and harness this perfect storm of intense interest […]

The Evolution of the little Blue Dress

This photo sequence just makes me smile Thanks to Rob and Lauren for the amazing first two pics!

A Little Breather

Why so long since our last post? Well, I think it’s safe to say we underestimated the toll selling one house and finding another would be… but it’s DONE! We have now sold our house in Edmonton and found a house we love in Victoria and get to enjoy our last 2 months here with […]

Telus Spark

We decided we all needed to stretch our legs en route to Kananaskis and thought we’d check out Telus Spark in Calgary: I’d say it was a hit!

Fun In The Snow Part II

This is quite the monster post but we just loved the pictures so much we couldn’t find anymore to remove!

A Very Arltstrong Christmas

Christmas in the mountains, with family and two excited toddlers: magical!

Christmas Eve Skiing

Aunt Janne treated us all to some cross country skiing on Christmas eve. Ben and Megan tagged along and patiently waited while us newbies shuffled along, fell or painfully discovered going uphill on skis is harder than it looks!

Fun in the Snow – Part I

Christmas in Golden has been pretty magical – the photos likely speak for themselves!

24 Days of Elfcapades

If you happened to miss it, here is a recap of our 24 days of Elfcapades! Kasey, Ginger and Stella have returned to the North Pole but hopefully (if they girls are really good) they’ll be back for more mischief next year!

Christmas Cookies and a Stroll Through the Snow

Grandma and Pop-Pop arrived in Golden on Sunday, so our party is complete. Games, baking and lots of great food and drink have been the theme since then, and the pictures below cover some of the indoor fun, plus our escape into the woods for a morning snowshoe.