Running, running, running!

Since Spring, Michelle and I have been training to run the Shawnigan Lake Half-Marathon, which just happened to take place earlier today. It was the first time I’d ever run in a proper half-marathon, and since my longest training run was 20km, it was also the furthest I had ever run in my life. It was Michelle’s third half-marathon, and I let her set a pace that was probably a bit faster than I might have chosen for myself, but apparently she knows me better than I do, and we had a fantastic race, finishing more or less in the middle of the pack at a time of 2:04:08.

The Shawnigan course was beautiful and the weather was perfect (sunny, but cool), and we finished up the morning with an amazing brunch at the Merridale Cidery with our good friend Shanna, who is so awesome that she drove up from Victoria to take pictures for us, insisting that we needed finish line shots. All in all, it was a fantastic and very tolerably gruelling morning, and it definitely won’t be our last half-marathon together.

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